Dog Follows me everywhere!

I have a male, miniature poodle. He adores me, and I love him. But he follows me everywhere. If I go into the bathroom, he will camp outside the door until I come out. If I'm on the couch and I just reach over to get something off of the coffee table, he thinks I'm getting up and will jump up and look at me to see where I'm heading.
Whenever anyone comes over, he will walk around and growl, or bark. Mainly growl. If I tell him no, or stop, he looks at me like he knows he's not suppose to, but will keep on doing it.
So, these two behaviors I do not like about him. Especially the clingy following me everywhere. Is there something I should be doing to discourage this? I don't want him thinking I don't want him around, but give me some air. We have 3 other dogs and they do not act this way. Or at least, not to this degree.
I this a poodle behavior?
Lots of people would love to have this problem. One of mine does the same thing. Just has to be within touching distance.
How is the dog when you leave him alone. This sounds like some separation anxiety starting. If you try to stop him, you will discourage & depress him. These are highly intelligent, loyal, loving little dogs & only want to please. Try & be patient with him.
Whenever we leave the house, we crate our dogs. And when we leave, I can hear him whining and barking.
Normally, he loves his crate when we are at home. And every night, I will say, crate 'dre (his name is Andre) and he will march in like a little toy soldier. Really fast, just wants to please me. Sometimes he will go in his crate on his own. But usually if I am in the kitchen, which is where his crate is.
He likes my husband, but he definetly prefers me.
And you are right, most people would love it. But it's a bit on the rediculous side for me. I can't cook, clean, or anything without him being right by my side.
But what about the growly behavior with company? We don't have company often, but this is his behavior whenever we do. How do I correct this? Or can it be?
Do you feel he is growling as a warning? Or is he talking? Perhaps try crating him before the company comes & then after they are settled let him out.
Does he warm to strangers after the initial meeting? Let the company give him treats.
Have you had him very long? Does he have a history with someone else? Are you feeding him something high in sugar? Or lots of fillers, dyes & preservatives? Honestly the food can make a huge difference in so many things.
I, too, have a dog that would like nothing more than to sit by my side or even on my lap at all times during all moments in life. But usually what I do is tell him to go lay down and I point to the room where I want him to go. Usually this works because he also wants to please me. I don't know if that will work with your guy but it is worth a try.
He just turned two. We have had him over a year now. I think we got him when he was 9 mos. old.
I don't know if he's always been this way, or it is just now starting to really get on my nerves and therefore, I am noticing it more.
This evening, while I was fixing dinner, he comes walking in. And he doesn't just walk, its like he's slinking along. Head down, looks as though he's on his tip toes when he walks. I think this might be a poodle thing.
Anyway, he just stands there and stares at me the whole time I'm washing the dishes, or making dinner. He's not begging for food, just obsessed with where I am and what I'm doing.
I went into the living room and he followed me. I finally had enough and said in a loud voice (not shouting, but not my normal voice), "out" and pointed to the kitchen.
He walked away and into the kitchen with his head hanging down. I felt so bad for doing this, but at the same time, I'm thinking it's working! So, maybe a few repetions of "out" and he'll get it.
I will keep you posted. I just don't want him to get the idea that I don't love him.
OMG, I know its not funny but your discription was more than I could take. Thanks for the chuckle. Sorry! I have a friend with one that just STARES at her all the time. Now that would make me nutz.
I think you have it pretty well figured out. Just make sure he still gets his "baby" time.
me male pekingese does that stare. If he thinks you can't see him, he'll position himself at another angle and give you the STARE. I'll be reading a book and the next thing I know is I feel him stare so I'll put the book closer to my face so he can't see me and before I can even turn the page he has maunevered to either the right or left of my chair and just sits there and stares with those big bug eyes. I of course have to put my book down, and either will walk him or get down on the floor with him and play hard. all he wants is a few moments of my time and once he has it, he'll lay down by my feet and sleep. (sometimes his snoring will wake him up and then he'll look at me like I did something.)
My lab mix also sneaks in and stares at me. When I finally notice him he starts wagging his tail and even "talking" sometimes. But then I tell him to go lay down and he does. I don't say it meanly or even all that firmly, just "go on -- go and lay down." Come to think of it, when he thinks I am ignoring him, he will squeak at me. But then we go back to me telling him to go and lay down.
Instead of waiting until you are frustrated and then ordering him out, which hurts his feelings terribly, could you try giving him a blanket and nice little meaty marrow bone in the corner while you cook or clean? That way he can be distracted from the separation, and have it be a really positive experience at the same time. I suspect he doesn't get out much or have many experiences besides being home with you. Is he ever exposed to other dogs or animals, strangers, and stimulating environments? I would take him to an obedience class and I would definately do something like agility with him. Even if you just put a few benches in your backyard for him to jump over and run across. It will give him confidence to have experiences apart from your physical presence. He is probably very bright and needs a purpose. As of now, the only purpose he has in his life is following you around. Try putting a little effort into working his mind in a sport or obed training, and I think you'll see a major difference.
Oh yes. He is with other dogs all the time. We have 4 other house dogs besides himself. A little female pocket beagle, a female beagle/bassett mix, a male toy American Eskimo and a female miniature schnauzer. He gets along great with all of them and they play with each other all the time. But he is still obsessed with me. I will give an example...
We will all be in the living room. They will play and rough house with each other until they are tired, then they all lay down and get all rested and even sleep. But if I even raise my hand to pick up the remote control, he thinks I'm going to get up and he'll jump up (from a perfectly good nap!) and look as if to say, "hey, where are *WE* going?" And all I am doing is getting the remote off of the coffee table. Or getting a newspaper, or whatever.
If I head out into the kitchen, then he follows. If I go into the bathroom, he camps outside the door. It doesn't matter what I give him to play with, how much time I spend with him, or take him outside or whatever. He just wants to be with me continuously.
All the other dogs love me too, but none are as clingy as him. The ironic thing is, my husband is the one who wanted him to begin with. And Andre, (the poodle) likes my husband, but he leaves him alone. Only comes around him basically, if he's called to do so. I'm the one he seems to adore. I don't know if this is poodle behavior or some type of seperation anxiety he is demonstrating. I have read that poodles are very devoted to their humans. But this is more than I can take.

Just wanted to reiterate the other things I mentioned.
He needs to have a life outside of being home with you and the pack. I myself have 4 large dogs, and they become very 'doggy' so to speak, if I just leave them to romp around together and never work obedience or one on one outings. Try the marrow bones (one for everyone, in crates if they are food aggressive), obedience, agility, backyard makeshift agility, and maybe something like doggy day care for little dogs. Ridiculous, I know, but I think this little guy needs to get a life! Would your husband be willing to take over all feeding, grooming, and care of the dog, including a tiny poodle sized backpack and a mile or two walk once a day? Try it, what do you have to lose except your annoyance at having a dog obsessed with you. Honestly, this won't change until he has something better to do in his life than follow you around. He's bored and anxious, and I feel for the little guy.
What's a pocket beagle btw?
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