dog parasites & bugs other than fleas.

Salt Lake City does not have fleas. So when your dogs is scratching like they have them. What else could it be? I lay on the couch and I can feel things like crawling on me, Can NOT see anything. The dogs are just now scratching like they would if they had fleas. They are in my house. I walk the dogs in the park and along the woods. I have washed everything so many times in really hot water. But I still feel these things crawling on me. I CAN'T see anything. What could it be and HOW DO I GET RID OF what ever it is. I keep giving them baths. But they must be in my house furniture.
hi, see in here if anything fits your case.:
External Dog Parasites: Fleas, Fly, Ticks, Mites, Lyce
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Deworming Puppy Dog Vaccinations. How to Deworm a Puppy
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Canine Leptopirosis
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Regular Dog Veterinarian Checkup
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External Dog Parasites
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Dog Parasites. Dog Fleas, Bugs and Parasites
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The dogs may be having allergic reactions to food or any number of things in the enviorment. You may be part of the problem if you are bathing them too much & drying their skin.
What kind of food are you feeding? Why do you think Salt Lake has no fleas?
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